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This program allows Peoples to extend its lines to provide natural gas to your home or business, giving you the chance to make the switch and save thousands. While many communities thorughout Pennsylvania have not had access to natural gas, this program gives families across the region a more affordable option than oil, propane, or electricity.

Customers who use natural gas from Peoples can save a significant amount of money on their bill compared to electric, propane, or oil. Plus, with natural gas, you never have to worry about filling a tank, since natural gas is plentiful, reliable, locally-sourced, and always there when you need it. Homeowners who use natural gas can also see your home's value increase, and small businesses place a higher property value on buildings that have natural gas service. Across the board, natural gas can truly make your life better.

History of the Go With Gas Program

Our Go With Gas project began in Gallitzin back in 2014. Determined to get natural gas to the town, Gallitzin leaders worked diligently alongside Peoples until the project was ultimately approved in the summer of 2015.  The 13 mile pipeline project was an enormous undertaking that required various permits and approvals.  The lengthy permitting and planning phase was finally completed in the summer of 2016, allowing construction to begin.

Now, construction is complete, and Peoples is proud to say the project serves over 900 residents. Peoples is proud of the partnership that was established with the residents of Gallitzin and we look forward to providing clean, safe, and reliable natural gas for years to come!

Once the Go With Gas program picked up steam, other communities expressed interest in natural gas and we began to reach out to additional communities. We're grateful to all of the communities who partnered with Peoples to bring natural gas to our new customers. 

List of Go With Gas Communities:

  • Colver
  • Derry Hillside Group
  • Ernest
  • Friedhoff Lane
  • Gallitzin
  • McCullough
  • Nanty Glo
  • Unity Township

"I want to thank Peoples Gas for coming to Hillside. Since I am the first customer to have the gas installed in Hillside (Jan. 25th, 2017), I want you to know it is wonderful. Thank you, Peoples Gas, for being here. I have lived in the same house for over 55 years and you made our life better."

- Robert, Derry Hillside Customer
  • Which Lines Am I Responsible For?

    Like most utilities, Peoples owns some of the pipelines and facilities that deliver service. And some pipelines are the responsibility of the home-owner or business-owner. We'll show you what exactly you're responsible for.

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