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Great news! Gas is now available in your community!

Thank you for visiting the McCullough Go With Gas page. Whether you’re here to learn more about the program or to enroll for natural gas service, you’re in the right place. We encourage you to explore this page for specific information regarding the McCullough project. We’re confident that when you consider the benefits of the program, you’ll join the thousands of others that have already made the decision to Go With Gas!

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About the McCullough Gas Expansion Project

The McCullough project is the first expansion project that Peoples has completed in Westmoreland County. The scope of the project includes approximately 150 homes in the McCullough section of Penn Township and required the construction of 2 miles of new pipeline. 

Many nearby neighbors were already Peoples Natural Gas customers, providing a great opportunity for Peoples to expand from our nearby existing infrastructure.  The project was approved in late 2015.  After obtaining all the necessary approvals and permits, construction started in the summer of 2016 and was just recently completed in October 2016. 

Now, natural gas is available!  We’re thrilled that many McCullough residents have already enrolled in the project, but our goal remains to have the entire town experiencing the benefits of natural gas. 

If you’re a resident in McCullough and have yet to enroll, please click here. 

If your home is ready for natural gas and you have at least one appliance ready for conversion, please call the Peoples Customer Service department at 1-800-764-0111 to be scheduled for service connection.  Please note you should call the Customer Service department only when you are ready for gas service.

If you have any other general questions you can reach our Inside Sales team at 1-866-654-4660.

“Peoples’ willingness to invest in the communities in Cambria County has had a big impact on the growth of our family business. We have already hired more employees to support the residents converting their homes to natural gas. We can’t thank Peoples enough for their commitment to the Go With Gas program.”

- Randy B. (Plumbing Contractor)

What are the benefits of natural gas?

  • Natural gas has the lowest carbon footprint of all fossil fuels.
  • Homes and businesses with natural gas have higher property values.
  • Natural gas has consistently been priced lower than other energy sources.
  • Natural gas is reliable – it’s there when you need it.  You never have to fill tanks or worry about running out.
  • You can pay as you go based upon your usage – a budget plan also available.
  • Natural gas has environmental benefits.
  • Natural gas is a highly efficient form of energy.
  • When natural gas replaces a less environmentally friendly fuel, it can help address a number of environmental concerns, such as smog, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • How do I prepare my home for gas?

    In order to convert an existing home to natural gas—where service is not currently available—there are several steps you have to take. Feel free to give us a call and one of our trained experts can walk you through this process.

    Learn more about the detailed steps you need to take and how Peoples can help.

    Learn More
  • I'm ready for gas!

    Great! We are eager to hook you up. If your service line has been installed and your appliances have been converted we can come out and connect you to our system. Give us a call at 1-800-764-0111 to schedule an appointment for connection. We will get the gas flowing to your home and business in no time.

  • Where will my meter be installed?

    Meter location varies from home to home. Click here to check out our diagram to get an idea where your meter will be placed.